Jumpy Rabbit Technologies Private Limited

Creating Sustainability & Micro-Entrepreneurship using Technology

Asset Sharing is not new – cooperatives are a key example of how communities have traditionally come together to pool resources and work collaboratively. But as an increasingly important element of new business models, asset sharing connects spare capacity and demand, allowing consumers to access, rather than forcing ownership, of a product or asset. Democratising access, and enabling a sustainable future. Optimization of Resources, new or used from B2C, Human to Human to new types of B2B platform one the less, there is huge potential for Asset Sharing models to translate into positive social impact in terms of democratising access to various assets we take for granted.


Jumpy Rabbit Technologies Private Limited

Jumpy Rabbit Technologies Private Limited

Ideated in 2015, founded in 2020, Stanshare is an India based transformation agency. We provide a platform to individuals, companies, innovators and civil society to help them move beyond incremental change to address systemic challenges. Our work is focused on expanding mindsets and changing behaviours through a mix of Advanced technology & Gamification solutions to make the world a better place.

Our Three Focus Areas

Exponential Mindsets

What can leaders in all spheres learn from the “anything-is-possible” approach that is common among successful innovators? How can we shift away from an assumption that addressing sustainability is about slowing down and imposing costs towards seeing it as a matter of accelerating towards opportunities?

Disruptive Technologies

How will developments in a range of fields – from big data, artificial intelligence and the internet of things through to driverless vehicles, 3D printing, synthetic biology, IOT (Internet of things) and Nueral Networks – transform what’s possible in terms of sustainable performance and longer-term system change?

Tomorrow’s Business Models

How are new disruptive technologies enabling more sustainable, collaborative and circular business models? What new business models are emerging with the potential to up-end industries and reconfigure the way we think about value creation?


A community wise, peer-to-peer sharing platform, where assets are not being used consistently throughout the year optimizing the asset usage- sharing, monetizing assets, reducing fixed cost or idle asset sitting unused, in order to create a sustainable green economy.

Social infrastructure is not "social capital" -- a concept commonly used to measure people's relationships and interpersonal networks -- but the physical conditions that determine whether social capital develops. When social infrastructure is robust, it fosters contact, mutual support, and collaboration among friends and neighbours; when degraded, it inhibits social activity, leaving families and individuals to fend for themselves. Social infrastructure is crucially important, because local, face-to-face interactions -- at the school, the playground, and the corner diner -- are the building blocks of all public life. People forge bonds in places that have healthy social infrastructures -- not because they set out to build community, but because when people engage in sustained, recurrent interaction, particularly while doing things they enjoy, relationships inevitably grow.


Jumpy Rabbit Technologies is ​a company created by alumni of the following esteemed institutions such as Indian Institute of Management (Calcutta), Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore), Standard & Poors (S&P Global), The Wharton School of Business, McGraw-Hill Financial, and Capital IQ Inc..